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  • Managing Difficult Conversations

    Liz Rayer and Lauren Krouskoff

    Difficult conversations are an inevitable part of work life (and personal life) — addressing poor performance, arguing over budget allocation, project planning across functions when there is disagreement on approach, saying “no” to a colleague, informing a customer of a delayed delivery — the list is endless. Read More »

  • Managing Difficult Customer Tactics: Threatening to Go to a Competitor

    David Chapnick and Logan Kessler

    Perhaps one of the most common tactics sales people encounter when negotiating with customers is threatening to switch business to a competitor if they don’t get what they want; usually a discount, but can also be changing other business terms in some way. Read More »

  • Alliance Management Required: The Unique Alliance Management Needs of Pharma Option Deals

    Renee Jansen

    As pharmaceutical and mid-sized biotech companies increasingly seek to enhance their pipelines through externalized relationships, the option deal—typically with a smaller biotech—has become an increasingly popular contract structure. Read More »

  • The New Alliance Launch Process

    Stuart Kliman

    Organizations only have one chance to set up an alliance correctly. In order to avoid operating inefficiencies, conflict between partners, and ultimately the loss of value - be it through opportunity cost internally or in the marketplace - planning a systematic alliance launch process will help create alignment and avoid such difficulties. Read More »

  • Challenging the Incumbent

    Linda Loi, Andrew Lewis, Mark Gordon

    Successfully challenging an incumbent requires a thorough understanding of the customer's underlying needs and concerns - which in turn requires persistence, patience, and open inquiry. In this article, we discuss three ways to help grow your market share by challenging a potential customer's existing provider/solution.  Read More »

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