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In a weakened global economy, where consumer confidence is waning, pressure has never been higher on consumer products companies to bring costs down, and to innovate in order to grow. Companies increasingly need to be able to look beyond their own walls to find creative ways to reduce cycle times, improve margins, manage risk, and seek out new sources of innovation.

The most successful companies will need to be very effective at partnering – with suppliers, customers, and others in complimentary businesses – not just to develop new products, but also to appropriately shape their strategies, to build better retail relationships, and to enhance their operations.

Vantage Partners brings unique expertise in negotiation and relationship management to help consumer products companies build and manage their key relationships. For example, Vantage works with consumer products companies – from packaged goods, to grocery and other retail, to consumer healthcare – to:

  • Design and implement supplier relationship management programs, helping companies get closer to key suppliers to identify areas to reduce waste and risk, and identify sources of innovation
  • Segment suppliers, and design tiered approaches to managing supplier relationships so that limited resources for supplier management can be maximized
  • Create key account management systems that help suppliers of critical goods and services make sense of their customer relationships and focus their time and energy on highest-value activities

For more information, please contact us at info@vantagepartners.com or 1.617.904.7816.


"Vantage's methodologies serve as the foundation for our alliance management systems and governance structures.”

Joyce Mullen, VP, Global Alliances, Dell Inc.

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"Vantage Partners consulting services were extremely valuable in helping us to optimize the value of our alliance portfolio."

Lawrence Aldridge, Former Senior Vice President, Strategic Alliances    
The Walt Disney Company

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