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  • Better Skills, Better Partnering

    Stuart Kliman and Karen Denton

    Although the pharmaceutical industry has been quick to embrace the value of partnerships and the subsequent improved access to new business opportunities, initially many companies did not fully understand what it really takes to be successful at alliance partnering. In the past five years, as partnering has become the new normal, Bayer and many other biopharma companies have sought to remedy this by building their corporate partnering capability. As this continues, all pharmaceutical companies will benefit from operating in an industry that is increasingly capable at partnering. Read More »

  • Alliance Management Required: The Unique Alliance Management Needs of Pharma Option Deals

    Renee Jansen

    As pharmaceutical and mid-sized biotech companies increasingly seek to enhance their pipelines through externalized relationships, the option deal—typically with a smaller biotech—has become an increasingly popular contract structure. Read More »

  • How to Win Through Partnering Today and Tomorrow

    Stuart Kliman

    Webinar Read More »

  • Aligning Partnership and Distribution Strategies

    Jessica Wadd and Sam Stewart

    Webinar Read More »

  • The New Alliance Launch Process

    Stuart Kliman

    Organizations only have one chance to set up an alliance correctly. In order to avoid operating inefficiencies, conflict between partners, and ultimately the loss of value - be it through opportunity cost internally or in the marketplace - planning a systematic alliance launch process will help create alignment and avoid such difficulties. Read More »

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