In an age where customers are relentlessly pushing to commoditize technology services and drive prices down, high-tech companies, like many others, are being forced to do more with less, and innovate in order to survive.  Now more than ever, finding operational improvements and developing innovative processes, products, and tools requires collaboration – with alliance partners, suppliers, and even customers.

Vantage Partners has unique expertise in negotiation, relationship management, and change management to help technology companies build and strengthen their most important relationships.

Vantage works with technology companies to:

  • Enable their Sales organizations to more effectively develop complex solutions for customers, design and successfully implement pricing strategies, and strategically manage and grow their most important relationships
  • Enhance their negotiation skills and strategies, and substantially improve their negotiated results, with customers and suppliers
  • Negotiate, renegotiate, manage, and govern strategic outsourcing and complex advisory services projects
  • Develop supplier management programs that enable them to work in more innovative ways with, and obtain greater value from, their key supplier relationships
  • Remediate critical, but underperforming, alliances and joint ventures
  • Improve how they select, structure, manage, and measure their portfolio of GTM and development partnerships

For more information, please contact us at info@vantagepartners.com or 1.617.904.7816.


"Vantage's methodologies serve as the foundation for our alliance management systems and governance structures.”

Joyce Mullen, VP, Global Alliances, Dell Inc.

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