A Nycomed Testimonial


Vantage Partners has been instrumental in putting Nycomed on the road to becoming a world-class alliance-capable organization.  Given the fact that one of Nycomed's core corporate growth strategies is to enter into in-licensing and strategic acquisition agreements, having an alliance-capable organization is  paramount to realizing this strategy.  What sets Vantage Partners apart from other strategic partners is their ability to consistently adapt to their client's needs and challenge the client to ensure they are developing their Alliance Management capability to meet their overall corporate alliance strategy and show demonstrable value within their organization.  Moreover, Vantage Partner's ability to provide consistently insightful and valuable assistance in developing and revising the direct and enabling support processes and assisting in on-going training initiatives allows our Alliance Management team to provide value to nearly every part of the Nycomed Organization who are involved with strategic alliances.

Mark Wingertzahn
Former Head of Alliance Management and Senior Director for R&D