A City & Guilds of London Institute Testimonial


I have worked with Vantage Partners, both in my previous role at Walt Disney and recently here at City & Guilds of London Institute.  At Disney, Vantage were tasked with providing a sales negotiation workshop that would appeal in the first instance to our executive sales team and management and upskill them to leverage better deals with key suppliers and customers across both the branded television market and international sales and distribution.  From the start, their research and attention to detail made them strong business partners in developing our executive development offering.   The outcome of this work was managed seamlessly and generated very strong word-of-mouth reviews and, by using a company with such a strong degree of credibility in the negotiation market, we were asked to expand the programme to include senior executives from other divisions around The Walt Disney Company.  The programme they rolled out took in markets across the world and workshops took place on three continents.  They adapted their excellent teaching methods to our markets with methodical care and insight, and developed a programme that received strong and immediate buy in from senior managers and executives.  Vantage created a substantial upskilling in our team and solid improvement on ROI from our most critical negotiations.

Sharon Saxton, HR Director, City & Guilds Institute of London
Former VP, Human Resources, Walt Disney Television International