13th Annual Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Relationship Management Conference

March 28 to March 29, 2017 Chicago Vantage Partners is very pleased to be teaming up with The Conference Board for the 13th Annual Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Relationship Management Conference, March 28-29th, 2017 at Warwick Allerton - Chicago.

Challenges You May Be Facing
In order to compete in today’s fast paced global environment your organization needs to invest in cultivating and nurturing a framework to better engage and collaborate with suppliers.  Suppliers can help your organization gain competitive advantage and accelerate growth in a myriad of ways but only when a systematic methodology is in place to:
  • Harness the power of collaboration
  • Manage all interactions with suppliers across the entire lifecycle of engagement
  • Change the overall organizational mindset around working with supplier
About the Conference
Regardless of where your organization may be along the maturity spectrum of strategic sourcing and SRM, this conference is uniquely designed to address the needs of senior executives looking to improve new or well-established programs and drive competitive advantage through collaborative relationships. 
Key takeaways: 
  • Move beyond SRM theory to gain practical and real-life applications to drive competitive advantage through your partnerships
  • Optimally balance collaboration with traditional competitive sourcing strategies to move the conversation from “cost” to “value”
  • Understand and promote the required skills, capabilities, job requirements, and training to strengthen buyer/supplier relationships
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