Organizational Transformation

Today the need for change is constant — in strategy, organization, operational processes, mindset and behaviors. Leaders have to decide what change is needed and how best to implement it effectively, as soon as possible, and without breaking the bank. Setting direction is the easy part.

Understanding Why Most Change Efforts Fail

Most change efforts fail because even though the principles of basic change management are increasingly well understood, they are not as widely followed and they are not easy to do:

  • Make sure there is a clear business case, a sense of urgency or “burning platform,” and meaningful measures of progress;
  • Build multiparty alignment among key stakeholders on what needs to happen, by when, and how, through real (and honest) dialogue, avoiding counterproductive top-down “tell and sell”;
  • Ensure all affected stakeholders feel involved and heard;
  • Think through and build out needed enabling tools and processes;
  • Establish a core team and network of change leaders to provide real-time alerts on difficulties and enable ongoing oversight, learning, and adjustment.

Success depends in large part on your company’s ability to surface and engage key conflicts and divergent perceptions to generate insight and drive creative innovation, without damaging important relationships or unduly slowing decision making and implementation. 

But even these skills may not be enough to accomplish organizational transformation, where success requires both new mindsets and behaviors, and structures and processes that cannot be fully anticipated or planned, but only developed and refined on the fly and in light of results. Successful transformation typically requires skillful outside help that brings fresh eyes, critical real-time analysis and deft, sustained facilitation and coaching, all informed by the pattern recognition that comes from experience. 

The combination of Vantage’s expertise in high-stakes problem-solving, effective negotiation and collaboration (whether between competing functions or disagreeing alliance partners), relationship turnarounds, and building sustainable organizational capability has helped our clients achieve an unparalleled track record of success in organizational change and transformation.

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